Our Products

Manufacturer and Developers of :- Shoes Linings :- All types of shoes interlinings, E.V.A & sugar coated, self adhesive linings. Enforcement Lining:- Eva coated lining ( low temperature ), Self sticking clothes, Foam laminated lining, Balley products ( bonded fabric / textile ), Cotton bag products ( fabric laminated with water proof film ), Shoe packing bags, canvas shoes products( Wash look, printed, dyed etc.) Buckram and Fusings:- Fused buckram clothes, Yarn Dyed chacks and printed fabrics.

Checks & Prints-

  • Printed Strips ,
Various kind of printed fabrics On Order Developments also

And Much More.
  • Yarn dyed Checks,
  • Yarn dyed strips ,
  • Printed Checks ,

Laminated & Coated Fabric-


For the latest fashions and ultimate foot comfort.

  • Sugar Powder Coated,
  • Eva Powder Coated,
  • Self Adhesive ,
And Much More.
  • Sandwhich (bonding two fabrics together),
  • Eva Sheet Lamination ,
  • Foam Lamination,

One of the major processes in the production of laminated fabric is the coupling of facing and lining,

To land a distinctive look and additional strength to the laminated fabric. The company offers cotton – laminated fabric in innovative prints and designs, Custom made to meet divers consumer needs. These laminated fabric are manufactured by flame lamination process using polyurethane foam sheet of varying densities and thickness.

Adhesive and powder coating is also employed for single and multiple layers bonding. This 'long lasting bond ' also extends to the company's clients – giant forces to reckon within the domestic and international market.

The laminated fabric for shoes can be broadly categorized as:

Upper Fabrics.
These are the fabrics with foam, Eva, and sandwitch Laminated to add style to shoes and bags.

Lining Fabrics
These are the fabrics with powder coated, self adhesive and foam laminated mainly used in counter lining and interlining for adding strength and comfort.
We are the rebranded suppliers of well known international brand and buyers.

We are the rebranded suppliers of well known international brand and buyers.

Cotton Fabric


(Inverious forms like Dyed , printed, Gray, Coated etc.)

  • Superduck,
  • Low duck ,
  • Twill ,
  • Cordrize ,
  • flallen ,
And Much More
  • Drill ,
  • Canvas ,
  • Sheeting ,
  • Duck ,

Polyester and Synthetic Fabric –

  • Kangara ,
  • Specer ,
  • Fur ,
  • Satin ,
  • Tatron ,
  • Gallent ,
And much more
  • Rockport ,
  • Laycra ,
  • Swed ,
  • Mesh ,
  • Fur ,
  • Lamda ,
We are the Fabric Developers

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